Pan-African Diamonds Permit

Pan-African Diamonds was awarded the Soromaya Kerouané permit in April 2017. This permit has an area of 95.5 sq km and is located in eastern Guinea near the town of Soromaya. The Company has entered into its 1st exploration phase valid 3 years and is required to  spend at least $2.2 million over this period. 

The Soromaya Kerouané permit area is extremely prospective and promising. It was extensively explored by the previous permit holder with the assistance of OZGEO / ROSGEO, which completed a feasibility report in 1998 identifying substantial resources and reserves (estimated at almost 1 million carats).

The Company is focused on confirming those encouraging results with an independent 43-101 pre-feasibility study (PFS).

Pan African Diamonds Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility